Hungarian Rooftops


This photo was taken in Budapest, Hungary in July 2017 on our Eastern European Trip.

Budapest was an incredibly interesting city and I have so many ridiculous and dangerous stories from it, but I’m saving those for their specific pictures. But this one was taken at Fisherman’s Bastion, in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in the entire city. I’m sure I’ll post a picture soon of the actual castle walls, but this picture was taken while actually standing on the walls. The light was hitting the roof of the church so perfectly that I couldn’t resist. And the roof itself was such a reflection of Eastern European, specifically Hungarian, art and coloring that I couldn’t help but save it.

Everything in the area, both the Bastion and the church was done with white blocks and geometrical architecture seeming to be perfectly symmetrical and cut out from a machine. Of course, they weren’t, but it was easy to imagine that the creators had brought the pieces from a block company and simply assembled the pieces there to create gleaming white structures that would last into the next century. While the Bastion was completely white, this church was topped with the layered roof emblazoned in blues, browns, and gold. Sitting at the Starbucks in the Old Town next to this all, it seemed as if everything was just a colored in puzzle, perfectly done even though it was much older than I’ll ever be. But that’s the funny thing about old structures. Sometimes, even with all our technology, we can not replicate their perfection.


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